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    →   A writing coach is there to help nourish your writing, to guide you on your literary path, and to give you advice throughout your writing career.

    →   A writing coach gives the writer much needed creative support and input on their writing abilities. 

    →  A writing coach listens and responds, through every step of the way, a coach is there to help.

    →   A writing coach helps motivate the author to reach new heights in their literary career and to take chances on their writing desires.

    →   Most importantly, though, a writing coach cultivates the author's idea and works with him/her to be a steady stream of total support and comfort to the author. 

    →   The writing life can sometimes be an intimidating experience and one that some people prefer not to have a go at alone. Let me help to loosen your grip on writing's reality and enter you into a realm of total creativity...a world in which you hold the reigns to where you want your story ideas to go. 

    →   A writing coach or a writing consultant can only catapult you and your love of writing further into your chosen path. 

    Let's walk that path together...I'm here to help.


    The next time you go into a bookstore, please remember that someone, who's now a published writer, wrote all the material you see in front of you.

    Each one of these authors started as a beginner. A no-name writer that no one was familiar with. What's the difference with them and yourself? Those writers realized the value of getting help and coaching throughout their writing career. 

    Don't you think it's time that you joined a growing number of writers, who are working with writing coaches, writing teachers, writing consultants, and freelance editors/proofreaders to help them write better and revise more effectively so that their work looks flawless when sending it out to agents and publishers? 

    Can you do it alone? Yes, of course you can. Keep in mind if you take the writing journey alone, it can sometimes get to be a desolate place. 

    Maybe your literary goal has nothing to do with getting published, perhaps you simply would like to be more creative and start writing more but you're having trouble getting started. Maybe writing a memoir is in your future, or perhaps a self-help book will find its way out of your pen - no matter in which genre your writing takes place, I can help you cradle your creativity into a sustained art form. 

    Although no writing coach can guarantee you will be published, working one-on-one with a writing coach can only make your writing more advantageous and more fruitful. Getting the guidance you need to take your writing to the next level is an opportunity you owe to yourself.

    One of the biggest advantages to working with a writing coach is the secure working relationship that is forged. Having your own personal writing coach is having a competent literary friend to hold your hand through every step of the writing and creative process. 

Getting started is simple and free.
You have nothing to lose and an abundance of guidance to be gained.
Using the contact form, get in touch with me. Give me some background on your writing life thus far and how you want me to help become involved. 
We'll go from there in expanding our working relationship. 

 Please remember:
  • Your individual needs are always unique and yet all writers share common literary ground and a love of writing.
  • As your literary consultant I am your committed writing buddy and your closest writing confidant. We will talk about your creative process, about how you're crafting your writing, and the struggles that can be overcome in the writing business.
  • I'm happy to help you with finding a literary agent when your writing becomes ready for that step.
  • It's part of my job to help you overcome writer’s block.
  • I will help you develop your literary abilities so that you can tell your best stories to the world.
  • Our coaching relationship will be based upon an honest connection and intuition, information will be exchanged with the utmost mutual respect.
  • All writing coaching and writing consulting is done on an exclusive and confidential platform. Your information and anything that we discuss and work on is strictly our business and will not be shared in anyway or with anyone. 
 Please note that rates for coaching and consulting vary based on project and personal needs, contact me for a free quote.
 Coaching takes place via email, phone, or both if that's something you'd prefer.


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