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Life is a balancing act and, yes, this includes your business as well. Sometimes we have fantastic ideas and don't know how to turn them into a money-making venture. Or we have realistic intentions of growing our business but we feel we can't because we have too much catching up to do. That's where a virtual assistant can come to your rescue. 
Deciding to hire a virtual assistant isn't something that you should do hastily. It's always best to thoroughly know who you'll be working so closely with. Read my credentials and then contact me so that we can discuss what your specific needs and desires are for wanting to hire a virtual assistant and utilize virtual assistant services. Anything from answering phone calls, to scheduling appointments, and even scoping out new leads, I'm here to help you take your business to new levels in the most efficient and professional way possible.
If any of the following areas seem familiar to you then it's time you get in touch with me so that I can help to take some of the weight off of your shoulders and show you where to begin when it concerns your day-to-day tasks.

 Are you behind on your email? Do you feel like you're losing out on potential clients simply because you can't seem to get caught up on your email messages?
 Answering your email is something that a virtual assistant does with ease. From generic messages to customized responses, let me handle it all so that you can focus on bigger tasks.

 Do you need someone to handle your phone calls?
 I've got you covered. Forward the calls to me and I'll answer the callers' questions, schedule appointments and meetings, even log the information into a spreadsheet for you so that you can quickly assess your callers' motives and concerns.

 Do you need content for your website? Perhaps you're thinking of starting a blog but know that you won't be able to find the time to keep it current? Or maybe you know that a few of your website's pages need to be rewritten and reworked and you're not a savvy writer?
  You're in luck! I've been a website content manager, a blogger, and a freelance writer for years -- over fourteen, actually. I have extensive experience in small business management as well as first-hand knowledge of what it takes to become an entrepreneur because I've been running my freelance business since 1997 and I'd love to apply my knowledge and expertise to help you build your brand.

 Do you travel a lot for your business? Tired of always having to lose an hour or more to booking, researching, and choosing flights, hotels, and rental cars?
 Just let me know where you're going, when you're going, what you'd like for amenities, and I'll handle the rest. The only thing you'll have to do is give your name upon arriving.

 Need research or fact-checking done?
 Don't bother spending hours doing it yourself, I'm awesome at digging for and verifying information. Years of being a journalist and freelance writer have honed by investigative skills.

 Are you a lawyer or doctor with plenty of dictation that you need transcribed?
 I've already got my headphones on and I'm ready to type!

 I'm sure you know how important search engine optimization is for attracting traffic to your website. But are you aware that targeting specific key words is a major driving force behind SEO?
 I do and I'm always researching and staying on top of what's hot right now with SEO solutions. I'll make sure that your website is completely up-to-date with the latest trending SEO practices available.

 Not a savvy writer and your documents are usually riddled with grammatical mistakes?
 I've been a freelance editor and freelance proofreader for other business owners just like yourself -- helping them send out error-free documents and marketing materials that get noticed and bring in the customers.

 Have you been thinking of putting together a new and improved marketing plan for your business but aren't sure where to start?
 Let's brainstorm. I'll take your ideas and run with them, creating you and your business a plethora of internet marketing materials and literature that will have your competitors looking on in amazement.

 Are you a real estate agent or broker who has tons of listings, paperwork, and leads to get through?
 I'm well-versed at adding listings into the MLS system and writing up condo, home, and business descriptions for property all over the world. I've ghostwritten, blogged, and have been a virtual assistant for many real estate moguls for years. You sell the houses and let me deal with the backend work.

 Do you want to have a dominating social media and internet marketing presence for your company, business, or product but aren't sure where to start, how to keep it going, and wonder if you'll have the time to keep things current?
 Social media is so huge that if you and your business are not using its power and reach to your advantage, then you're sorely missing out on vast numbers of potential clientele. As your virtual assistant, I can keep your social media pages current, active, and engaging so new customers can easily find you.

 Need new leads for your business but aren't sure where to find them or simply don't have the time to go after them?
 As your virtual assistant, I've got you covered. I'll scope out new leads, handle all of the lead managing, and control a marketing campaign that will far extend your current reach of clients and position your product, service, and business in the front of the line.

 Contact me today and let's go over what your needs are for virtual asistant services. 
  My virtual assistant rates vary from client to client depending on what your individual goals and desires are for your business.

Thank you for contacting PenPoint Editorial Services. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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