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Editing and Proofreading Services
Does a writer really need an editor? 
Think you don't need an editor or a proofreader? Think again. Some authors believe that their work, especially in today's self-publishing era, is 'good enough' to exonerate the need for a professional freelance editor or a professional freelance proofreader. Thinking this way may allow for your writing to be mediocre and stricken with grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors, and who really wants their manuscript to be just 'okay'...I'm sure not you. You've worked hard on your piece and want to present it to the world in its finest form, you want readers to be so enthralled and enraptured within your pages that they yearn for a sequel, don't you? I would hope so.
An editor acts not only as an author's comrade within the writing and publishing business, but also as the author's advocate throughout the entire birthing of your literary piece. Your editor should be your best writing proponent, your literary cheerleader, and, above all, the author's friend. Your editor should work with you, never against you, in developing your literary voice.
Editors do great work for authors and writers. A good editor is one who knows the publishing business, how it works, and the ins and outs of what publishing markets are looking for. Having an informed editor on your side will only make you a more enlightened writer and, trust me, there's nothing wrong with that.
Whether you are choosing to become an indie author, self-publish your book, enter into the print-on-demand (POD) arena, or leaning towards the traditional publishing houses and industries, finding a competent, trustworthy, and able freelance editor and freelance proofreader is an indispensable tool when it comes to your literary work. Not all freelance editors are versed in the traditional publishing, self-publishing, and print-on-demand aspects of the writing and publishing sphere. You owe it to yourself, your business, and your opus to find one who is.
Well written material deserves the care and concern that a freelance editor and a freelance proofreader can bestow upon it. Helping your work evolve into a smooth product in which it draws the readership it merits is no easy task to take on alone. Hiring a freelance proofreader or freelance editor is what your material justifies, why would any author give up the chance to make their story more desirable? 
As your editor or proofreader I will work for you and for your manuscript, always showing concern as to how you want your piece developed and never allowing your original voice and direction to get lost.
If you're considering becoming a self-published indie author, if you were thinking of turning your work into an e-book, even if your desire is to follow the traditional methods of publication, we'll work together to bring your paragon into the mainstream arena where it belongs.
Contact me today so that we can start working on your literary dreams companionably.
 In addition to manuscript editing, I'm also available as an editor for newsletters, blogs, and websites. Leave it to me to watch over your writers and make sure they are delivering quality content on time. Contact me for rates. 





Editing Services Offered:




ProofreadingCorrection of spelling, punctuation, grammar and basic structural errors.


Basic Editing - proofreading services as described above, plus revision of sentence structure and paragraph transitions to provide a smoother style. 

Substantive Editing - proofreading and basic editing, plus adjustment for consistency of tone and vocabulary.  Major structural changes as required. 



Complete rewriting of text at the levels of sentence, paragraph and overall structure, with attention to consistency of tone, vocabulary and style. 

MS Critique

I will read your manuscript and provide a concise and straightforward critique of its strengths and weaknesses, with positive suggestions for how to improve the writing. No editing takes place at this step, it's strictly meant for a read-through of the author's work, providing direction as to where to take his/her opus or ideas next. This is a service most writers are in need of when they may be unsure of the trajectory they want their novel to take. Manuscript editing can take place with individual chapters or with your completed manuscript, it's your choice as to how much direction you feel you need or desire. 




                        Editorial Rates



Proofreading$25.00 per hour *
Basic Editing$35.00 per hour* 
Substantive Editing$45.00 per hour*
Fact Checking Only $19.50 per hour* 


Manuscript Critique

$50.00 per hour* 

Prices vary per individual basis. Contact me for further discussion.


*A Note About Book Manuscripts


For book manuscripts and other large projects, reduced rates are offered at all editing levels. Payment can be handled on a chapter-to-chapter basis or can be paid in one lump sum.To assure your confidence in me as your editor, I will gladly proofread the first three pages of your literary piece FREE to ensure that we can provide a positive working relationship for ourselves. Standard pages are 250 - 300 words per page, 12 pt. Times New Roman or Courier font.



 ESL clients are encouraged to send me their work as well.

 Clients requiring academic editing can request that I follow any of the standard writing styles: APA, Chicago, CSE, or MLA.

 I accept Microsoft Word Files (*.doc or .docx), Microsoft Excel Files (*.xls or .xlsx), Microsoft PowerPoint Files (*.ppt or .pptx), Portable Document Files (*.PDF), or a Rich Text File (*.rtf).




Writing services, editing services, and proofreading services are offered for the following documents:



Academic material in every field of study



Annotated bibliographies

Annual reports




Birthing blogs

Birthing magazines

Birthing Publication

Bisexual literature 


Book editing

Book jackets 

Book proposals 



Business plans and proposals

Business promotion

Case studies

Children's books

Clinical drug trials

College curricula

College reference books

College syllabi

Communications technology

Company annual reports

Company profiles 

Computer material

Continuing medical education


Co-parenting blogs

Co-parenting magazines

Co-parenting publications

Copy editing

Curricula vitae

Direct mail

Doula blogs

Doula magazines

Doula publications


Educational material

Elementary education textbooks

Employee compensation and benefits


English as a foreign language textbooks

English grammar books

Erotic literature


Executive summaries

Fact checking

Feature articles 

Financial documents

Foreign-language material

Form 10-Ks 

Gay literature


Health care

Higher education textbooks

High school textbooks

High-technology material

Internet research

Learning-disabilities books

Legal documents

Midwifery blogs

Midwifery magazines

Midwifery publications

Monthly magazines

Management material


Manuscript editing

Marketing messages

Medical advertising

Medical case studies

Medical education

Medical journals

Medical peer-reviewed articles

Medical slide kits



News articles


Nursing textbooks

Parenting publications

Parenting magazines

Parenting blogs 

Peer-reviewed professional magazines

Pharmaceutical advertising





Pregnancy blogs

Pregnancy magazines

Pregnancy publications

Press releases

Professional books

Professional magazines

Promotional literature


Queer literature

Queer studies

Real Estate Writer - Description Writer (houses, condos, etc) 

Refereed medical journals

Religious treatises

Requests for proposal




SAT prep textbooks

Scholarly material

Scientific material


Sexual literature

Secondary school textbooks

Slide captions

Slide show scripts 

Surgical textbooks


Teaching materials

Testing material


Textbook series


Transcription services 

Transgendered literature

Travel guides

User's manuals

Video scripts


Web content

White Papers





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