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When you're sending out correspondences or perusing a blog, you want to be dealing with a piece that's clear, concise, and well written.


Not everyone who deals with writing and blogging has the ability to write well and coherent. That's where a professional writer/blogger and professional writing services can help you, your website, and your company.


No employee wants to read newsletters that are riddled with typos, no potential customer needs to stumble across poorly written website or blog content. When you're trying to sell yourself, your company, and your product there's nothing that is more distinguished than professional writing and blogging that flows effortlessly.


Hiring a professional writer or blogger for your writing needs is not a paltry act. If you're serious about your work and your product, then being genuine from all angles in your ethical approach makes all the difference when trying to stimulate potential or current clients.


Image is everything in today's marketable world - customers have the ability to hire anyone they want to get work done, readers have the option to choose a book that appeals to their livelihood, and technology has the fighting power to turn heads one way or another. All of this type of marketing has one thing in common - documents, websites, articles, newsletters, blogs, and manuscripts that are melodious and unequivocal in their approach to grab and maintain a customer base.


The whimsicality of the written word can hook your clients and readers in in a way that coheres them to your product's ideology for years to come.


A repeat and loyal customer in any area is a deserving one - professionally written materials, websites, and blogs is the start of that relationship. 


Contact me today and let's create our foundation of acquaintanceship for your ideas. Together we can take your insights to new levels.




Writing services offered:



 Thinking of starting a blog for personal or business services but are afraid you won't know what to say or have the time to keep it up-to-date?

→ Let me help you. I'll nourish your idea with you and keep your writing up-to-date. Be it a part time blogger that you may need or a full time writing partner, I'm here to help you take your visions and make them a reality.


 Need a copywriter for your website, emails, newsletters, or brochures?

 → I can help rewrite the content on your site, put together email marketing campaigns, compose weekly/monthly newsletters, and even help with the design of your marketing and advertising materials.


  Looking to put together a brochure, white paper, or press release for your business but aren't sure what to say or how to promote your service? 

→ That's where I come in. Let me help expand on your ideas or write the entire piece for you.


 Need meetings, case studies, patient information, or other important utterances transcribed in a timely manner?

→ I can get your documents over to you in a matter of hours and with a price that you can afford. Contact me today for all of your transcription needs and rest easy knowing the job will be done right the first time and with the utmost confidentiality.


 Are you thinking of writing a book? Do you have the idea but aren't really a good writer?

→ Then look no further. We can form a friendly collaboration to get your ideas onto paper.


 Do you need articles written for your website, company newsletter, or other publication? 

→ I can help you. Savvy writers understand the demand for high quality writing. Let's work together to make your vision a reality.


 Are you unsure of the facts in your book, newsletter, or company profile?

→ I can help you there, the essential function of a fact checker is to solidify criterion into a conclusive profile. I'll cross-reference and research all of your points to ensure true and reliable facts that you can present to your audience with total confidence. As an unbiased fact checker, your end result from me will be clear and concrete. I'm here to make sure your numbers, estimates, and data can stand on their own.  


 Does your business deal with grants, grant writing, and applying for grant funding?

→ Let me compile those grant proposals and grant reports for you. I'll write and/or edit them to ensure they flow effortlessly in the hands of the deciding team. A grant that's easy to read and comprehend can help be one of the deciding factors for whether your organization receives funding or not.  


 Are you in the nonprofit sector? Does your organization need help with writing donation letters? Are you tired of sending out the same monotonous donation letter and crossing your fingers for funding?

→ Don't fret - let a professional freelance writer help out your nonprofit. I've been writing donation letters and donation proposals for years. I'll expand your donation letter into an image that shows how and why your nonprofit company or organization deserves to be in the forefront of giving and receiving. 







 Writing services, editing services, and proofreading services are available for the following:



Academic material in every field of study



Annotated bibliographies

Annual reports




Birthing blogs

Birthing magazines

Birthing Publication

Bisexual literature 


Book editing

Book jackets 

Book proposals 



Business plans and proposals

Business promotion

Case studies

Children's books

Clinical drug trials

College curricula

College reference books

College syllabi

Communications technology

Company annual reports

Company profiles 

Computer material

Continuing medical education


Co-parenting blogs

Co-parenting magazines

Co-parenting publications

Copy editing

Curricula vitae

Direct mail

Doula blogs

Doula magazines

Doula publications


Educational material

Elementary education textbooks

Employee compensation and benefits


English as a foreign language textbooks

English grammar books

Erotic literature


Executive summaries

Fact checking

Feature articles 

Financial documents

Foreign-language material

Form 10-Ks 

Gay literature


Health care

Higher education textbooks

High school textbooks

High-technology material

Internet research

Learning-disabilities books

Legal documents

Midwifery blogs

Midwifery magazines

Midwifery publications

Monthly magazines

Management material


Manuscript editing

Marketing messages

Medical advertising

Medical case studies

Medical education

Medical journals

Medical peer-reviewed articles

Medical slide kits



News articles


Nursing textbooks

Parenting publications

Parenting magazines

Parenting blogs 

Peer-reviewed professional magazines

Pharmaceutical advertising





Pregnancy blogs

Pregnancy magazines

Pregnancy publications

Press releases

Professional books

Professional magazines

Promotional literature


Queer literature

Queer studies

Real Estate Writer - Description Writer  (houses, condos, etc.) 

Refereed medical journals

Religious treatises

Requests for proposal




SAT prep textbooks

Scholarly material

Scientific material


Sexual literature

Secondary school textbooks

Slide captions

Slide show scripts 

Surgical textbooks


Teaching materials

Testing material


Textbook series


Transcription services 

Transgendered literature

Travel guides

User's manuals

Video scripts


Web content

White Papers




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