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4 Ways to Manage Your Time More Effectively

Posted on January 10, 2014 at 1:10 PM

   If you work from home, then there’s almost nothing that’s more important than managing your time in the most productive way possible. There’s so many distractions and other callings around the house that are fighting for your attention that the trick is trying to create a way to make sure you stay on task when it comes to completing your work.


Here are four ways to help you manage your time more effectively.


1. Break Down Tasks: When you have numerous things on your to-do list or editorial calendar, it can seem totally overwhelming and can be hard to find a starting point. If you were to take all of your tasks for each day and break them down into smaller, more manageable jobs you won’t feel so overwhelmed and engulfed in copious amounts of undertakings. You’ll have less chances of procrastinating on the bigger tasks if you see them as easier and more manageable doings.


2. Look at Your Work Habits: Do you tend to take lots of mini breaks throughout the day? Perhaps you work first thing in the morning and then bail midday to do errands and such? Reevaluate your work-from-home schedule into short bursts of productive time. If you absolutely need to handle two tasks right away, schedule them into your day at the beginning , or whenever you are at your most valuable, so that you’re fresh and willing to accomplish them in the most efficacious way.


3. Learn to Say No: Some of us have gotten ourselves into the habit of agreeing to do too much and help with everything, leaving little time for work to be produced constructively. Learn and evaluate what needs your attention all the time, and hold off or get rid of those dealings that can wait. Keep a calendar that holds nothing but your work opportunities laid out right on your desk and become a habitual time manager. When you know how long each task or assignment will take you, you will better manage your time to adhere to each duty in an effective manner.


4. Get Rid of Time Wasters: These distracting things can be anything from checking your email every five minutes to stopping to pet your cat hourly. Know that when you start to feel jittery from the work, it’s absolutely okay to get up and stretch for five minutes or take the dog for a quick ten minute walk. These short breaks will not only have you coming back refreshed but will also help you to gain new ideas for other duties that need your attention.


The key to managing your time effectively while working from home is to have a firm grasp on what works best for you. Some people are at their best when working before the sun comes up, while others are night owls. Regardless of when you feel most productive, the key is in how you handle your workload so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming. Scheduling your time authoritatively will allow maximum control over yourself and your tasks so that they become fulfilled securely.


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Reply Kirk P
1:47 PM on February 1, 2012 
You make some excellent points and offer great advice. Time management is my weakness. I just never seem to feel like I am accomplishing any of my goals. I plan to implement your tips to help me get back on track. Thanks so much!